When your future seems lost

Fear of the future

Have you ever felt like the future you long to step into is a million miles away?

As I entered month after month of job hunting in the midst of the Corona pandemic, I felt my future was lost.

The fog surrounding an uncertain future can do the following to us: it can make us have mood swings, feel incompetent, doubtful, skeptic, indecisive, depressive and fearful. Ultimately, it can create an actual crisis in our lives.

I knew the future would become my present because that's the nature of time.

I just didn't know if that future would be good. The 'in-between' felt like God had lost my address at times. To loose expectation in God is a dark place to live.

King David knew the pain of those dry and restraining seasons where we only get the manna we need for today but not the steak we desire.

He knew of wilderness experiences, both in his circumstances and in his soul:

'"He ground my teeth with gravel and made me cower in the dust. I have been deprived of peace; I have forgotten what prosperity is. Then I thought, "My future is lost, as well as my hope from the Lord" Lamentations 3:16-18 CSB.

Doubt about past decisions

Not only does the in-between test our trust in God. It can test our trust in ourselves.

For me, I started to doubt and judge previous decisions I had made. Ruminating and regretful thoughts spun around: "I would have avoided this pain and sense of being stuck, if only I had chosen another major, taken a shorter education or lived another place, ."

On and on the accusing voice went with second-guessing, forgetting the truth that Søren Kierkegaard addresses:

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”
– Søren Kierkegaard.

It is sad when we dig up in doubt the decisions we planted in faith years ago.

We may not have seen the harvest of those seeds sown earlier in life yet but that is where "[...]we have need of patient endurance [to bear up under difficult circumstances without compromising], so that when you have carried out the will of God, you may receive and enjoy to the full what is promised" Hebrews 10:36 AMP.

Life demands patience of us, and patience only comes by daring to tolerate waiting.

It all comes down to trust. Trusting that the God who led us before will lead us again. Trusting that as we walk by faith, not by sight, we will be guided along the best pathway for our life.

What to do in the in-between

If you find yourself in the 'in-between' (and we often do in at least one area of life, hey?), then be encouraged with these verses:

"God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits,
to the woman who diligently seeks.
It’s a good thing to quietly hope,
quietly hope for help from God.
It’s a good thing when you’re young
to stick it out through the hard times.

 When life is heavy and hard to take,
go off by yourself. Enter the silence.
Bow in prayer. Don’t ask questions:
Wait for hope to appear.
Don’t run from trouble. Take it full-face.
The “worst” is never the worst."

Lamentations 3:27-28 MSG .

In the Amplified Bible, the same verse ends with, "It is good for a man that he should bear The yoke [of godly discipline] in his youth. Let him sit alone [in hope] and keep quiet, Because God has laid it on him [for his benefit]" (my emphasis).

I find it fascinating that when we lean into discipleship, including discipline, it is to our own benefit — the benefit of becoming beautiful and strong inside out.

Adversity is to be received as training ground for those who love God.

How do we train in the 'in-between', then? Good question!

The Lamentations-verses above mention a lot of action-related words/verbs:

  • to wait passionately,
  • to seek diligently,
  • to hope quietly,
  • to stick it out,
  • to enter the silence,
  • to bow in prayer.

As you keep coming back to practicing these verbs in your life, your King and God will do His part and roll back the curtains when the new scene of your life is ready to be revealed and played out.

Breakthrough in soul and circumstance

Through the ups and downs of trust - distrust - then trust again — in God and myself, I experienced what is written in Romans 5:4 TPT: "And patient endurance will refine our character, and proven character leads us back to hope" (my emphasis).

The times I waited with hope and smiled at the future, life was more enjoyable in the 'in-between'.

And you know what?

I got a job!

With the breakthrough, I discovered:

  • God's grace over my imperfect waiting
  • I was busy moving to the next chapter, God was not!
  • God's timing is perfect.

Hope in the future

Remember, you have not disqualified yourself for a great future by any situation done by you or to you in the past.

Your future is not lost. It is safely placed in the hands of God:

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.

The fogginess will eventually lift and breakthrough will come.

In the meantime, spend less time looking for clarity and reasoning as to why life is hard right now, and more time trusting the One who is the Way, truth and life itself!

I encourage you, do not give up believing for your bright future!

Don't stress out, and don't be so hard on yourself.

You're doing better than you think you are. God is right on time.



Covid-19 Faith declaration

Not only is the world turned upside down in this season of Covid-19. On a personal note, many of us are affected too. Whether the impact is due to losing a job, fear and dread of what's to come, cancellation disappointments, or missing a hug, I think Psalm 112 is timely to declare!

It's heading is "The triumph of faith" in the Passion translation. And how we will triumph! We'll not have to fear bad news when we're walking with God, for our hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

I've inserted "we" and "us" where it says "they" and "their" so that you can audibly personalize and speak out these promises over us as the people of God.

I pray this declaration will become your belief and anchor as you navigate these changing waters.

"Shout in celebration of praise to the Lord!
Everyone who loves the Lord and delights in him
will cherish his words and be blessed beyond expectation.

Our descendants  will be prosperous and influential.
Every generation of his godly lovers will experience his favor.

Great blessing and wealth fills the house of the wise,
for our integrity endures forever.

Even if darkness overtakes us,
sunrise-brilliance will come bursting through
because we are gracious to others, so tender and true.

Life is good for the one who is generous and charitable,
conducting affairs with honesty and truth.

Our circumstances will never shake us
and others will never forget our example.

We will not live in fear or dread of what may come,
for our hearts are firm, ever secure in our faith.

Steady and strong, we will not be afraid,
but will calmly face our every foe
until they all go down in defeat.

Never stingy and always generous to those in need,
our lives of influence and honor will never be forgotten,
for we were full of good deeds.

But the wicked take one look at a life lived like this
and they grit their teeth in anger, not understanding their bliss.

The wicked slink away speechless in the darkness that falls,
where hope dies and all their dreams fade away to nothing,
nothing at all!"

Psalm 112 TPT.



Let Love Lead - 5 practices for the corona crisis

Let love lead - five practises for the Corona crisis

These are the days of lockdown.

These are the days where toilet paper and other essentials have been hoarded in fear of lacking. Super markets have experienced queues, hand sanitizers and the like are being stolen from hospitals in desperation and selfishness. Restaurants, fitness centres, shopping centres, hairdressers and dentists are closing down today except for takeaway and urgent dentist care. These are the days where no more than 10 people are allowed to meet up. Pregnant women can't choose anymore if they want to birth their baby at home due to hygienic considerations. People's non-urgent operations are on hold. The welfare system that is normally so dependable in Denmark is being shaken and endangered.

Everyone has to change up their daily life. It's the days of cancelled plans, empty streets and coughing in our sleeves. Things are different for sure, and who could have imagined this just a month back?

What a surreal moment in history we're part of right now of a new virus locking down society! Unprecedented days. I hope you're safe and your hope is anchored and your faith intact.

It's so easy (and natural) to panic and get paralyzed by the crisis. But I know I do not want to stay there. When I think about having to tell my daughter one day about these crazy times we lived through, I want to tell a story of how we didn't stay paralyzed by fear but we moved forward in loving action.

That's where I want to position myself. You too?

Therefore, I am practising these five 'S'-words: sow, serve, stir, sabbath rest and spring forth even though they are not natural at all right now!

Wanna join me? Then read along below.

I pray that no plague will come near your dwelling.

When fear tries to paralyse us, let's let love lead and respond with action.

1. Sow

I heard the biblical teachers John & Lisa Bevere recently speak about Genesis 26 and how Isaac chooses to sow in the land (v.12) even though it is a time of famine: "Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him".

It's not natural to sow now because I know my husband's job with a blink of an eye just got more unstable, and my job prospects after maternity leave might be also. Nevertheless, we have chosen to sow now financially to an organisation that helps serve the socially vulnerable in Covid-19 because sowing seed activates faith and trust instead of fear of being in lack ourselves.

Also, I love that God has already sown words of knowledge into the earth through His people and given us discernment to know the times and season we're in. He has already given heads-up's to some people of what is in front of us right now, like this hope-filled prophecy from Joseph Prince.

2. Serve

Serving is not a natural response either right now. Fear of spreading the virus may want us to stay in our homes completely. I want to do my due diligence and err on the side of caution to not spread the virus unknowingly.

I also want to be on the lookout for those who are more exposed than me. I've chosen to offer my help in my local church and also through Red Cross' help network to grocery shop for elderly and other exposed people. This can be done with all the precautions in place of two metres of distance, gloves, hand sanitizers and so on.

3. Stir up

I want to stir up prayer, conversation and positive imagination.

Prayers of protection (Psalm 91). Conversations about God's nature that's unshaken in the midst of shaking times. Positive imagination on how to spend my time creatively - whether that's to connect with people through FaceTime to not isolate completely, to practice new skills, read books that's been on my bucket list or whatever else I might be reminded to do.

4. Sabbath rest

With constant newsflashes during the day, I find myself sitting down a lot and checking the news constantly to stay updated, and maybe also to feel a sense of control in the midst of craziness.

But I want to be committed to set parameters on my intake of this so that I'm actually also getting up, walking, praying and journaling instead of mindlessly consuming and ending up in spirals which do not bring any true rest.

"If I ever shut off the supply of rain from the skies or order the locusts to eat the crops or send a plague on my people, and my people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health" 2 Chronicles 7:14 MSG.

This lockdown is a great opportunity to 'return to the garden' and awaken or reawaken to our first love. We can get still and let God tend our souls. I love how Isaiah 51:3 puts it:

"I, God, will comfort… I will transform her dead ground into Eden, her moonscape into the garden of God."

5. Spring forth:

What I know about God is that He allows in his wisdom what He can prevent in his power. He has allowed this to play out even though evil is not sent from Him. I know that He works things out for the good for those who love Him and are called to his purpose.

Therefore, I'll have hope in what will spring forth from this. I know the nature of God and the rhythms He has set up. After Autumn and Winter, comes Spring and Summer. When He prunes and cuts back, a new bud shows up. In pain, a child is birthed. In boredom, creativity blossoms.

I want to pay attention to what might be awakened through this. I pray we will awaken. I pray that with the slow pace comes reconciliation for families that are on the brink of divorce.

I pray we'll not let worst-case-scenarios spring forth but speak forth God's promises instead. We know the facts about the situation. But the eternal truth is, that He that is in us is greater than the One in the world... The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came that we might have life to the full... God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind....and on and on His truth goes! Let's preach it to ourselves and remind each other of God's promises.

Let's take this one day at a time. He has got you.

We only know in part now but one day we will know in full <3



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Picture: Sophie Vestergård (instagram-handle: @sophvest).

Your delivery has arrived

Have you ever been waiting for a package delivery?

When ‘track-and-trace’ updates me it's time to check my mail box for an arrived package, I get excited, and when the delivery is on time, it's just the best!

However, sometimes delays happen that cause anxiety as to when I'll end up receiving the product I ordered and is expecting. 

The same anxiety can show up in our spiritual and emotional waiting room of life whether the delivery is something we're about to be given (like a package), something we're about to give birth to physically or spiritually or we're waiting for something or someone to deliver us! 

For me personally, I'm waiting for the delivery of our baby who is due tomorrow! However, I don't know when that delivery will happen exactly so this bible-dive into what the scriptures have to stay about delivery and deliverance is timely for myself. 

What kind of delivery are you waiting for right now?

It could be that you're waiting for restoration in a relationship, a healing in your body or a promise/ dream in your heart to be delivered to you?

Whatever the type of  "'Your delivery has arrived'- email" you're waiting for, I believe we can do three things in the meanwhile to stay in hopeful expectation!

Metaphorically speaking:

  1. We can check our package order request to see if it's correct
  2. We can check the email spam filter to make sure the right message is reaching us
  3. We can check the order confirmation and promise the store has given us.

Let's dig deeper below.

1.Check your order request

The first thing I do when my package delivery is late, is to check my order to see if I got the right memo about the date and if I ordered the product to the right address.

I believe we can do the same when we're waiting in expectation for God to deliver something to our lives. We are encouraged to make our requests known to God, so what have you requested of God? Or what do you need to request of Him you've only wished for this far?

"And all the time you don’t obtain what you want because you won’t ask God for it! And if you ask, you won’t receive it for you’re asking with corrupt motives, seeking only to fulfill your own selfish desires" James 4:2 TPT. 

When we "check our order" metaphorically speaking, we can make sure we've actually asked God and not only wished for it. We can also give God access to search our hearts to make sure we requested a delivery to our lives with the right motive. Sometimes, we might also already have received what we asked for but we haven't had eyes to see it because the delivery arrived in a different package than we expected it to look like.

One thing is sure. God is always active in our lives as these scriptures reveal. He is sending out orders and working for our good:

"God sends angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go, defending you from all harm" Psalm 91:11 MSG.

 "He sends out his orders throughout the world; his words run as swift messengers, bringing them to pass" Psalm 147:15 MSG.

"He established the cosmos to last forever, and he stands behind his commands so his orders will never be revoked" Psalm 148:6 MSG.

God is in the business of sending special orders out to protect us, and what He orders for our lives will be impossible to change.

2. Check your spam filter 

One of the more frustrating messages to receive when trying to deliver an email is this one: "Delivery Status Notification (Failure) I learnt that one of the reasons for this delivery fail is because the email is landing in a spam filter! 

I've been reminded of the importance of having an internal spam filter in this season of waiting to deliver my baby into the world. An internal spam filter is helpful in sorting out unhelpful comments from taking root in my heart and mind.

Whether the negative comments have been about bad birth experiences, comments on the belly or others simply projecting their fears on me, my internal spam filter has helped me let the good opinions, comments and remarks stay and the negative ones go.

We can't put our hope in people's words to deliver us: "Give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain [a worthless hope]" Psalm 108:12. 

When our spam filter is working, we set ourselves up for a win so only the authentic and real, honourable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind (Phil. 4:8 TPT) words gets to stay and get attention in the inbox of our hearts and minds. 

Let your mental spam filter help sort what words to hold on to and which ones to let go of as you await in hopeful expectancy on your delivery.

Even when our own deliveries fail to be sent properly, we can rest knowing that God's deliveries to our lives never get lost in a spam filter. His deliveries are timely and we need open hands and hearts to receive the new He has for us:

"Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes, I will return to you and Sarah will have a son” Genesis 18:14 AMP.

3. Check the promise 

To stick with the package delivery-example, I do check the order confirmation whenever my delivery is delayed. I make sure that what I think has been promised from the store is actually what the order confirmation-email says I can expect.

I believe the exact same principle goes for our relationship with God. When we haven't received what we've been waiting for, it can be helpful to go back and check what God actually promised? Did he put a date on it? He rarely does as His ways are not our ways.  If your journal entry does not recount what He has specifically promised you in the area you're waiting for a delivery on, go to the bible to see what He has promised in terms of deliverance.

When I did a word-study on "deliverance", I found that God is the ultimate deliverer! He delivers us from death (Psalm 30:1), God delivers nations (Isaiah 27:1), God delivers justice (Hebrews 10:30) and He has delivered us from the consequences of sin (Ephesians 4:30). This general, big perspective on deliverance helps me wait on the specific deliveries! 

Costly deliveries

I must admit, I certainly have my favourite delivery service! That would be free, express delivery right to my door! No cost, short waiting time and no hassle to pick up the package is such a joy.

However, this is not always how our packages arrive, and it's not always how our other deliveries in life come. For example, I don't expect my birth delivery to be with no cost and with no waiting time. I'm prepared that there will be a painful cost to pay in birthing my daughter but I trust it will be absolutely worthwhile and beautiful anyways.

Even if your spiritual/soul/physical delivery might come with a cost, know that God's presence will go with you. He will battle for you. You just need to stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you (2 Chronicles 20:17 NIV).

 If He has brought you to it, He'll enable you to go through it: 

“Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God" Isaiah 66:9 AMP. 

Surprise deliveries 

Another favourite delivery service of mine would be surprise deliveries. People have been kind in this pregnancy journey to surprise us with deliveries of clothes and baby gear we didn't expect to receive.

Jesus himself came as a surprise delivery through a virgin birth and what He continually does in people's lives around the world are surprise deliveries - the exceedingly, abundantly above our wildest requests-kind of surprises. He has done these surprise deliverances since he entered the scene as the prophet Isaiah prophesied:

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. For those who lived in a land of deep shadows— light! sunbursts of light! [...]The abuse of oppressors and cruelty of tyrants— all their whips and cudgels and curses— Is gone, done away with, a deliverance as surprising and sudden as Gideon’s old victory over Midian[...]For a child has been born—for us! the gift of a son—for us!" Isaiah 9:2 MSG.

I pray for the last three months of this year that you’ll receive surprise deliveries that would be the kind only God knows you're longing for; the kind that'll be infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! 

These kind of surprise deliveries energises us as we wait for full deliverance. 

Full deliverance 

While you wait on your delivery, know that the hope set before us as Christ-followers is not only the specific deliverance you're waiting for - it's the full deliverance of heaven in the not-yet kingdom where there will be no more tears and pain! 

"All around us we observe a pregnant creation. The difficult times of pain throughout the world are simply birth pangs. But it’s not only around us; it’s within us. The Spirit of God is arousing us within. We’re also feeling the birth pangs. These sterile and barren bodies of ours are yearning for full deliverance

That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don’t see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy" Romans 8:22 MSG. 

Be encouraged! Deliverance is here already, deliverance is on it's way, and deliverance will come! 

“Pay attention, my people. Listen to me, nations. Revelation flows from me. My decisions light up the world. My deliverance arrives on the run, my salvation right on time"  Isaiah 51:4 MSG.  

As you await your specific delivery, check out your order request, check your spam filter and check out God’s promise to you. He’ll provide for the costly deliveries, He loves to surprise you with His deliveries and He is a God who has secured your full deliverance through Jesus.

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Retreat to advance

Have you ever felt stressed with the thought of Christmas approaching?

I think most of us have! I know I need heart and soul-prep for me to step into the lead-up to Christmas with a healthy mindset amidst the busy. I need small spaces for my soul to breathe. I need to retreat in order to advance. The definition of advance is to move forward in a purposeful way. That's what I want; purpose in my every step.

The challenge to tackle is, Christmas has been the time of year with most ministry activity and outpouring the last five years for me. For three years, it looked like December night shifts and Christmas dinners for women working in the sex industry. The last couple of years, it has been through leading our social justice department of church, Citycare, and setting the Christmas table for vulnerable people in our backyard.

Through trial and error, I've experienced how it can be a season not overwhelmed with the schedule, but overwhelmed with Jesus!

If you have the same experience of Christmas being an intense season of outpouring for others, this might help you:

Firstly, devote yourself

Have you settled in your heart that you are devoted to this season of your life? Have you counted the cost and the pain and discomfort that comes with sacrificing your own comfort momentarily so that others can be comforted?

As my pastor Thomas Hansen so wisely says, it is easy to find excuses for why it's not worth it. For me, a few obvious excuses not to make it a season about others would be that it's exam season, it's "hygge" season, I just want to focus on my own family etc. However, that's not how I want to live my life, 'cause there would then always be an excuse to find.

Therefore, it's important to settle your personal why before stepping into a new season of intentional, increased outpouring, whatever that looks like for you. What's your personal revelation of your why? Count the cost.

Each one on our Citycare team has their personal why. Our collective why this year is our belief that we are paving the way for generations to come to be part of a healthy church that have a natural overflow of love and care for others in our cities. Our collective belief is that our 'yes' will shape church history and set an example of church that's about rising up and daring to care for our backyard.

That kind of faith and vision is something worth devoting ourselves to.

Jesus modelled ultimate devotion when he went on the cross for the vision of being in unhindered relationship with YOU. He suffered great momentary pain on the cross, and  volunteered to do it! Mind-blowing. Therefore, I know I want to follow His example and volunteer myself and sign up for helping others this Christmas despite the excuses that are easy to find. I can give up my comfort momentarily to comfort others this Christmas ❤

Secondly, put on the armour of light

Be prepared spiritually and practically for the warfare that comes with advancing and going forward. Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and put on the armour of light! (Romans 13:12 NIV)

What weekly routines are you planning to make the Christmas season good? Is it a weekly one hour walk, daily journaling, a morning smoothie, getting your sleep in, remembering a Sabbath day? What does your prep look like? 

Part of being prepared spiritually is protecting unity if you're part of a team you're serving with.

We recently gathered together as a Citycare key team, knowing that unity is key to what we're trying to accomplish at this time of year, and any time of year really. God commands a blessing where there is unity, and we need His blessing. Knowing we've been put together for such a time as this to serve the lost, hurting and broken and put the love of God on display through our kindness in action, we also know ahead of time the enemy will try to come against our common pursuit. When we are aware of his schemes, we can navigate through the small foxes that tries to spoil our bond of peace. We can do what's in our power to not give the enemy a foothold by quickly clearing out misunderstanding and offenses amongst the team, and we can fiercely protect unity by praying over one another.

Thirdly, keep on running
 "Isn’t it obvious that all runners on the racetrack keep on running to win, but only one receives the victor’s prize? Yet each one of you must run the race to be victorious" 1 Corinthians 9:24 TPT.
We are committed as a team to not stop halfway through Christmas and then think our race is won. We will refuse to celebrate before the victory is secured and our task is done. We want to keep pressing and knocking down the opposition and obstacles until we are out of the racetrack.
No races last forever. No battles do either. Just see history. Even the world wars had a beginning and an end. Your battle season will end too. Just don't celebrate your win before the battle is over 'cause that will get the enemy an upper hand. Don't be fooled thinking you getting one knock-down means the battle is finished. That was just a win on the way. Stay in it 'till you get the prize... and obviously our Christian sanctification is for a lifetime, not only for a Christmas season. Here I am using the scripture and illustration to drive home the point that there is hope in the midst of an intense season, and that other seasons will come around as they always do, if we stay in step with the Spirit.

My prayer our own team & yours is that we will not entertain what compromises our choice to:

"Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing our labour is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58 NIV.

My prayer is that we all think about: "What can I personally do to contribute to a sense of unity where I'm planted?"

My prayer is that we will endeavour to see the individual through the eyes of Jesus, and knowing our sacrifice, when done in obedience, and placed in the hands of Jesus, will be worth it:

We will not grow weary in doing good 'cause in due time, we will reap a harvest if we don't faint (Galatians 6:9 NIV).

Let's be these prudent people Passion translation describes:

"A prudent person with insight foresees danger coming and prepares himself for it. But the senseless rush blindly forward and suffer the consequences.

 Laying your life down in tender surrender before the Lord will bring life, prosperity, and honor as your reward" Proverbs 22:3-5 TPT.

In the commentary to these verses, it says wise people solve problems before they happen. Let that be our endeavour. There are beautiful promises attached to and unlocked with our surrender to what lies before us in the steps ordered by the Lord - life, prosperity and honour as our reward.

Your labour is not in vain, dear one. Be encouraged! Jesus paved the way for you and I. Let's pave it forward with Him this Christmas.

Let's devote ourselves, put on the armour of light & let's keep on running 'till we get that victor's prize. When we retreat, we can prepare to advance rightly with purpose in every step.

His steadfast grace will keep us firm and fixed.


Having done all, stand

To watch the message, click above⬆️
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Have you ever had something that's been hard for you to conquer, where you don't know if you'll be able to stand tall and victorious in the midst of what life throws at you?The definition of standing is to be in an upright position on the feet. That's a great way to be positioned when we are to receive from the Lord and co-labour with Him. But the truth is, sometimes life can knock us down, making us lie down instead of stand up straight, victoriously!God has given us everything we need to reflect His nature, and also the ability to stand! (2 Peter 1:3 TPT) He has given us His eternal Word and His Holy Spirit to guide us so having done all, even in a spiritual battle, we can keep standing.

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Sometimes we just need to get eternal truths applied correctly to the situation that's making us unsure if we can keep standing steadfast in our convictions and assignments.

How do we stand? How do we stand up for righteousness, how do we withstand the enemy and what do we do when sins stand up to tempt us?

I can feel like the prophet Isaiah is uttering, that my wrongdoings pile up before God and that my sins stand up and accuse me! It's like my wrongdoings can stare me down, because I know in detail what I've done. (Isaiah 50:12-15 AMP)The most important truth we can let us be penetrated with, is that of our standing in Christ (1 Corinthians 15:3 AMP). We stand on His salvation through faith, and not by our works. Such an amazing grace. We are safe when we desire like David to fall into the hands of the Lord when we are in great distress over our own mistakes. His mercies are very great! (1 Chronicles 21:13)

We want to fall down at Jesus' feet, because only when we put Him at His rightful place by worshipping Him, will we ever be able to stand victoriously:

"All the inhabitants of the earth will fall down and worship him, everyone whose name has not been written since the foundation of the world in the Book of Life of the Lamb who has been slain [as a willing sacrifice]." Revelation 13:8 AMP. This is such a beautiful picture of that one day when all people of the earth will fall down and worship Him! The good thing is we can practise this already now.Sometimes though, God finds us lying down, not because we are worshipping at His feet, but because we have been knocked down by things like discouragement, despair, grief or a moral failing. What do we do then?

This is how God tackled Israel's disobedience after Israel was defeated at Ai. He approached Israel's leader, Joshua, for his lack of standing, and He might say the same to you:"Get up! Why is it that you have fallen on your face?"

God's questions are so tender and convicting at the same time. His questions remind us of our convictions about getting back up and stand tall, even when life-and kingdom battles seem to knock us down.

Like God exhorted Joshua and the people, I believe He is exhorting us today to rise up and consecrate ourselves, because God knows we cannot stand victorious before our enemies until we walk in obedience to what He has said to us. Get back up and take courage!

So divinely loved one, let's be on our guard, so we can stand instead of fall from our own steadfastness of mind, knowledge, truth, and faith. (2 Peter 3:17 AMP)

The two only places in scripture it's speaking about withstanding is concerning God's power that no-one can withstand! That's why we can stand. We can be secure and trust in the Lord's withstanding against evil. He will resist it and stop it's progress in our lives. The weapons will be forged but they will not prosper:

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no enemy can withstand]."
Psalm 91,1 AMP.
By the power of God, we can withstand anything and it empowers us to stand up for the poor, as God tells us to. We get this courage to stand up for the less fortunate because we know God already stands up for us!I pray you're encouraged, even having done all, to stand! I pray you can say and pray with King David:
"I’m sure you’re on my side— no victory shouts yet from the enemy camp! You know me inside and out, you hold me together, you never fail to stand me tall in your presence so I can look you in the eye." Psalm 4:11-12 MSG.
He will never fail to make you stand tall in His presence. He has already stood up for you, taken your place and He will keep standing up for you!
So having done all, let's STAND.



If you need an extra boost to STAND, whether it is to stand up for righteousness, to withstand the enemy or standing tall on your convictions and assignments, read these scriptures loudly over yourself and experience faith arise as you preach gospel to yourself: 💥💥💥

"Cast your burden on the Lord [release it] and He will sustain and uphold you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken (slip, fall, fail)." Psalm 55,22

"When He arrived at the place [called Gethsemane], He said to them, “Pray continually that you may not fall into temptation.” Luke 22,40 AMP."Therefore let the one who thinks he stands firm [immune to temptation, being overconfident and self-righteous], take care that he does not fall [into sin and condemnation]." 1 Cor. 10,12 AMP.

"A thousand may fall at your side And ten thousand at your right hand, But danger will not come near you." Psalm 91,7 AMP"I will set no worthless or wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the practice of those who fall away [from the right path]; It will not grasp hold of me." Psalm 101,3 AMP

"For You have rescued my life from death, My eyes from tears, And my feet from stumbling and falling." Psalm 116,8 AMP.

"You [my enemy] pushed me violently so that I was falling, But the Lord helped me." Psalm 118,13 AMP.

"Do not rejoice over me [amid my tragedies], O my enemy! Though I fall, I will rise; Though I sit in the darkness [of distress], the Lord is a light for me." Micah 7,8 AMP

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Photo by Lasse Hultén.

Let the walls fall

Have you ever thought you were smart, later to find out what you have done has been silly and had the total opposite effect of what you actually pursued? I've tried this many times when it comes to creative processes. When I embark to paint something (which rarely happens), this is my experience. I'm thinking what I'm up to will turn out exactly as I envisions in my mind, and because of using the wrong painting tools and not having the regular practise, it ends up looking silly in comparison to what I pursued!

I think this goes for our hearts too sometimes. It's my heart experience at least. 🙋

For years, my heart was surrounded by thick walls built of destructive bricks. Bricks of insecurity, self hatred, control, perfectionism, people pleasing, unforgiveness, bitterness, and that's even only to name a few.

Sin, like these bricks are, always promises us satisfaction and safety, but ends up stealing from us. I thought each brick would build a wall of protection from getting hurt, but instead I built a destructive prison of isolation. What I envisioned would be good for my heart turned out to be silly, even traumatic. Just like my painting efforts.

My heart result was a numb, masked and superficial life filled with addiction. A life lived in denial about the real condition of my heart. I would pretend to be completely fine while I was dying from the inside; isolated in the shame of wrong thoughts which led to lots of negative emotions! Thank God our heart is not static but is ever shaped into His likeness.

So, how do we let the walls fall? How do we let light in?

My experience is we allow ourselves to feel it to heal it, we let Christ take over and be strong for us, and we bring others with us - holding the torch lighting the way for them to be set free as well! ⬇️⬇️

  1. Allow yourself to feel it to heal it

An important step in my healing process was to allow myself to feel again after years of suppressing my emotions. For a season I would write to my mentor every day and simply put into words how I was feeling.

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It was an exercise in being aware. Waking up. Not faking it for myself or others anymore. Coming out of denial. I began to express instead of living to impress.

It was a tough and humbling process to acknowledge my own weakness and not pretend to be strong when I was actually hurt. Daring to ask for help. Smashing pride in the face. Receiving grace. Letting the walls fall.

My mess was met with love and no sense of condemnation. It was so incredibly healing to realize that emotions are not a curse. They are gifts that make life colourful.

As I submitted my emotions to the authority of the wonderful word of God, the great exchange happened. An exchange of what was momentarily true about me for that which is the ultimate, forever truth about who I am in Him! He lowered my walls brick by brick so I could receive His steadfast love that melts lies away.

2. Let Christ take over and be strong for you!

As my walls came down, I began to come in contact with my own fragility and weakness, which is rarely a fun experience for anyone! It’s humbling for sure! But, I keep practising to just let Christ take over. And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become. (2 Corinthians 12:10 MSG)

What a crazy thought! The weaker we get, the stronger we become. This kingdom we are part of is truly upside down!

That’s why we especially as leaders as well need to lead upside down. I once heard someone say: “Before I trust you as a leader, show me your scars.” 

How profound. Jesus, our perfect leader, modeled this when He showed his scars to Thomas after His death and resurrection.

When Jesus let Thomas touch His scars, doubt was turned into belief. Jesus showed that His leadership was trustworthy because He could sympathise with humanity. He knew pain. He knew humiliation. He knew weakness. And conquered it all!

May we be people who dare to do show others our scars so that Jesus’ strength can shine forth and be revealed in our human weakness.

3. Bring others with you - hold the torch! 

We cannot take people where we have not been ourselves. When we allow the Lord to do the amazing work of wall breaking in us, we become carriers of the freedom and restoration we have received ourselves. We become lighthouses.

Figuratively speaking, we become like the Statue of Liberty; holding a torch of freedom in our hand that lights the way for others to follow.

Free in Jesus, we become people not focused on building walls to protect ourselves but rather people focused on building bridges to reach the lost!

God wants to bring our strongholds to ruin. (Psalm 89:40 NIV) With Him it’s safe to let the walls fall and let LOVE rush in.

So the question is: What do you want gracious Jesus to do for you? Will you dare to lower your wall brick by brick?

He is eagerly waiting for your request. He wants to break through for you.

Trust your heart ❤ to the One who sees hearts like we see faces, who hears ache like we hear voices, and who touches wounds like we touch skin. (Ann Voskamp)

Love you and it it together,


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A bud is coming forth 🌱


To watch & listen to the message, watch the video. ⬆️

To read it yourself, continue below. ⬇️

Have you ever had a melt-down? Like a shaking ugly kind of meltdown? Where it’s all flowing – snot, tears and of course the loud sobbing? It’s definitely not the glamorous moments of life I am talking about here. I’ve had a few lately I must confess, and my behaviour started to worry me. Why am I breaking down like this? Am I a crazy person? Taking on too much? Processing too little? Not able to adapt to changes? What’s going on?

The questions were valid and necessary but brought to calm this morning when there came a turnaround in my perspective. Through reading a book, the Holy Spirit reassured me how okay it is to grieve and mourn. It was the exact permission I needed to just let the sadness flow. Feel it and grieve it to then release it.

It is okay to cry out like David: “I’m hurt and in pain; Give me space for healing, and mountain air”  Psalm 69:29 MSG. ⛰

Mourning is not only for people who have lost loved ones. It is also for the ones of us who have experienced death of a friendship, death of a season, or death of an expectation. Disappointment in ourselves, in others or a dream is a real pain and it demands to be felt and mourned. As Jesus followers, to experience death is actually necessary for new life, the life of Jesus, to spring up in greater ways in our lives.

For me, this reminder gave me freedom to grieve. When something is cut away from our lives, whether it’s a loss or change life throws at us or something we voluntarily give up, it hurts. Even when we ourselves know it’s time and right for something to be cut away because it has been good this far but will not be sustainable for where we are going in the future, it’s hard because we might not know the new provision that’s coming for us. The cutting of a  __________ (relationship, ministry, dream etc…..fill in the gap) leaves just that – a gap.

Therefore, with this post, I want to encourage you, as I was encouraged myself, to be free to grieve the loss, and also know that a cut is part of a pruning process in our Christian walk.

The likeness of our inner lives being pruned as Christians and the pruning of beautiful, yummy-smelling roses, like the ones in the top of this post, is actually astounding! 💐 Roses too need pruning to continue to flourish.

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When I realized this connection, I spent time looking for rose pics for my inspiration board on Pinterest. 🌹 As one beautiful rose came up one after another on the Pinterest dashboard, in between came also descriptions of how to do some succesful rose pruning. I learned that rose pruning is defined the following ways:

  1. To reduce something by removing things that are not necessary.
  2. To cut off branches from a tree, bush, or plant, especially so that it will grow better in the future.
  3. A proper pruning cut is made just above a growth bud ✂
  4. Seal every significant cut with glue to speed the healing of the cut.

This definition reminded me of the pruning truth John 15 speaks about in the context of Jesus being the vine and us being the branches. Like rose pruning, God is at times removing things in our lives that are not necessary: “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit…” 

God also cuts off branches in our lives in order for us to grow better into the future He has prepared for us: “…while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” (Rose pruning point nr. 2 ) 🌿

I know it can feel like a shock when we are cut from every side in a time where we have just gotten used to an extent of flourishing in life. But, there is so much hope. Because God prunes us the same way a rose is cared for. God makes the cut just above the bud. This means that while it may seem like we are left empty handed in the cutting, we never are. He has already given us a bud, a signal of hope and new beginnings. Jesus is our patient pruner who is not scared of seeds, buds, and small beginnings. He is excitingly gardening and landscaping our lives into a beautiful, flourishing salvation garden (James 1:21 MSG), and is with expectation awaiting the nice, new bud to come forth!

After every significant cut, Jesus seals it with glue to speed up the healing, just like roses are treated after a pruning (rose pruning point nr.4) Jesus is our glue; He holds us together and in His presence we are healed when life takes us unexpected places. Jesus redirects our growth, He is our Healer and in the pain of the healing process we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus Himself learned obedience by the things which he suffered (Hebrews 5:8 NIV).

Let’s trust His heart when something is cut off from our lives. God cuts just above the bud so that the new and better will spring forth! He is giving us a new assignment and redirecting our growth. The cut is a promise of a launch into a new season of effectiveness, influence and fruit, which is exciting.

Trust it’s a nice bud coming! He has got you. 🌹


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For the singles in waiting... 🌹🌹🌹


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Today is the day where chocolate boxes are given, instagram flows with sugary updates in honour of significant others' and the flower shops are booming with red roses ready to be bought! It seems like Valentines' Day has come to stay in Denmark. Waking up to this reality can be hard if you know the only red you will see today is the Netflix logo on your computer screen...

Being serious though, many hearts are aching in the midst of the celebration of love because a longing unfulfilled does make the heart sick, as Proverbs teaches. There is so much that could be said on this topic. So many broken hearts too. Every story individual. For some, past relationships that have not worked out will come to mind. For others, the fear of missing out on a great relationship and marriage is triggered. Others again might just be annoyed by the idolisation of romantic relationships in our society. Wherever you land, know you are seen and cared for.

Below, I will speak to those who desire to wait well for the right relationship that can lead to marriage, despite their past failings, and to those who need encouragement on that journey. <3

'Cause how do you wait well, even when the longing for marriage gets delayed? How do you cultivate contentment on a day like this and gather strength for the days ahead that are unknown, untried, undefined?

Well, I definitely did not wait perfectly but I can share for my experience since my season of singleness is over and I know what helped me. And when I'm thinking back on that single girl I was before I started dating my now husband, Lasse, a few things come to mind I would encourage her with.

So read along, single ladies, and here you go - virtual roses for you because you are a ravishing, ransomed & royal princess daughter of the Most High King! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Three points on what a royal daughter like you does...

  1. A royal daughter represents her kingdom well 👸
"For if you remain silent at this time, liberation and rescue will arise for the Jews from another place, and you and your father’s house will perish [since you did not help when you had the chance]. And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this [and for this very purpose]?” Esther 4, 14 AMP
Like Esther, you better believe you are positioned where you are for such a time as this. With that revelation your single years will not be wasted years. It's a special time that counts and is awesome for setting time aside to focus on your relationship with Jesus and being planted and accountable to a church family.

With this revelation lived out, you will already have a kingdom, a home, and a family to steward, while it isn't your natural one you are nurturing just yet. To represent the kingdom of God well, immerse yourself into the big, beautiful family you have in the body of Christ, and then you see in time how God will be faithful to your hearts' desires. Don't be busy attaining a new family. Nurture the one you already have. Make friends. Cultivate the ones you have. Be a blessing. Be an encouragement.

A princess represents her kingdom well by living by the word of God, and with her words, thoughts and actions point to him as her hope and anchor, not a relationship status.

Does that mean she cannot date? Of course not. Unless she truly feels it is a sacred time to only focus on her relationship with the Lord, her character, gifts, friends etc.

So if there are prospects of you hanging out with a guy soon, here is what I would remind myself of looking back to represent the kingdom well in that situation:                  (this is not an exhaustible list at all)

  • Kindness - This is a good remember as it can sometimes be easy to be arrogant or not wanting to give anyone a chance for some of us girls. There are definitely guys you don't need giving a try hanging out with -  If he is not loving Jesus or his life is not bearing any fruit of the Spirit and repentance, it will be a heavy dance being unequally yoked, and why then even go down that road and drink that coffee? As a princess representing God's kingdom, I would say your time is valuable and needed more important places. But kindness, always.
  • Clear intentions - This takes bravery but is a blessing because it creates safety in getting to know one another when it develops to that place of hanging out on a one-on-one basis. (Group settings are an amazing, wise way to start out - group settings reveal a lot about a person) Also, it is a lie that there will be more butterflies to dating if "the game is played" and no words are revealed concerning the intentions of you two spending time together. I believe it is honest and respectful to the other person to set the intentions from the first time two of the opposite sex meet on a one-on-one basis and it can really avoid unhealthy attachments and heartbreaks due to different expectations. Lasse and I did that and it was a relief, and not at all boring after that. It was still very much an adventure getting to know one another even though we had made each other know we were checking each other out. Don't put the pressure on it that you need to know from the first time if this is something you could see progress. Just ask the other person for their intention of hanging out and be honest yourself without promising anything.
  •  Your body, your temple - The bible says it best: "Or didn’t you realize that your body is a sacred place, the place of the Holy Spirit? Don’t you see that you can’t live however you please, squandering what God paid such a high price for? The physical part of you is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you. God owns the whole works. So let people see God in and through your body." 1 Cor 6,19-20 MSG. So practically, I will add to the verse above, be kind to your body by not seeking places of temptations while dating that will want you to go further than your inward and outward commitment to each other shows. Seek hanging out with others and seek public places.

2. A royal daughter takes responsibility for the welfare of others 👸

Use your royal position (you are in company with Paul and Jesus among others) of singleness to serve others in love. Look out for those who are having a tougher time than you are. It can help the victim mentality that can be easy to form. Seek out those other single friends that need a fun Valentines Day just like you!

I remember my Valentines' Days in 2014 and 2015, the two years before I got into a relationship with Lasse, as some of the funnest days of the year! One of the years I enjoyed the most delicious tapas with a girlfriend in her cosy student apartment overlooking Nyhavn while we also watched the Bible series and spoke life over another as we dreamt of the future.

With that I want to say, do what you need to do. Take initiative to make the day delightful instead of barely tolerable. Set a beautiful table. Buy someone ELSE flowers, like your mum or sister! Attend to your needs, and be brave also in asking someone else in needing your needs of company. If you don't have a sisterhood of girls, be sure to be the brave one to start building one. You can do this!

3 - A royal daughter knows she has a bridegroom already 👸

Yes, you are a bride already. This revelation will make you stand tall and confident, also without a ring on your finger. You belong to a kingdom (God's kingdom), you already have a home and a family (God's family) and you are already pursued by your bridegroom, Jesus.


A couple of months before I started dating Lasse, I was completely unaware of what awaited me. I leant into God and was probably enjoying my life more than ever, because I was at a place where I rested in the revelation that I have a bridegroom already.

As I was painting in my apartment a couple of days to get my creative on, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me that 2015 would be a year of surprises for me (the relationship a month thereafter definitely was). It would be a year of me exploring the creative more (I started writing, blogging and painting), and He reminded me that there was a door that might seem closed to me, but I needed to open it up. (the relationship with Lasse)

When God impressed these things on my heart, I was excited, but also a bit annoyed because I enjoyed my life so much. I was working a dream study job being a team leader at night reaching out to trafficked women, had great friends, felt really at home in my church, and I had just started to embrace my own creativity by writing.

My writing was actually what got my husband from being attracted and interested in me to begin actively pursuing relationship with me. Why? I think when we live being led by the Holy Spirit and start exploring our gifts and live fully, it is attractive. As we are stepping out and staying the path with what's in our hands, committed to keeping our hearts pure and alive, our life can preach abundance, fullness, contentment, overflow and greatness by serving, long before we are building that life with a husband.  This will be such a blessing, as an inheritance claimed too soon is not a blessing in the end anyways, as Proverbs 20,21 teaches.

I will end with this:

Now, listen daughter, pay attention, and forget about your past. Put behind you every attachment to the familiar, even those who once were close to you! For your royal Bridegroom is ravished by your beautiful brightness. Bow in reverence before him, for he is your Lord!" Psalm 45, 10 TPT.

If you have not waited sexually or simply settled for a wrong relationship, listen to your Bridegroom's invitation above that's as new and dew fresh for you, His princess, today in 2019. The verse says forget about your past. Forget it! Let go! Deal with the hurts, get the help you need, and then move on. Put behind you every attachment to the familiar, even to those who once were close to you! For your royal Bridegroom is ravished by your beautiful brightness. You are clean and forgiven.

Bow in reverence before him, for he is your Lord, not your past.

God knows the desires of your heart! He is working on fulfilling them in the way He knows is best for you.

Reflect on: 

  • What desires has God already given to you?
  • How can you best use what's in your hand now to become the person of maturity you want to be and meet?
  • What prayers do you need to form now to turn worries into worship to get through this season well?
  • What is your one healthy next step towards contentment where you are now?

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Enjoy Valentines' day,


If my journey could teach you anything...

Here is the full length video with the content of what I shared at Sisterhood morning in my local church, Hillsong Copenhagen this weekend. My journey is a testimony to that God is still in the business of setting everyday girls free from captivity in order for us to then free and serve others in bondage.

So if my journey (through eating disorders especially) could humbly teach you anything, then it would be this ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Don't despise your own wiring
  • We are freed to serve others in love
  • Your years can be redeemed

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-HsLO9e4cA&w=560&h=315]


Thanks for watching!

If any of this spoke to you, and you have any questions, let me know. I would love to connect with you and also direct you to some great resources on the topic, if that's what you are in need of.

I love all our stories are still being written and that God brings beauty out of our ashes!

Let's live an overcoming life by being captives to Jesus and His victorious thoughts, and by being captivated by His love, 


Scripture references in the video:

  • Psalm 34,5 MSG
  • Matthew 12 MSG
  • Galatians 3,13 MSG


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