The road of revelation

“You are the revelation-light in my darkness, and in your brightness I can see the path ahead” Psalm 18:28 TPT.

Financial revival is in the air. That’s what my senior pastor Brian Houston has declared over the Hillsong congregation for the year of 2019. 

Revival happens corporately when individuals personally experience revival.

Some synonyms of revival are advancement, comeback, improvement, upswing, restoration and resurrection!

Yes and amen. I want in on that. 

The godly outcome of financial revival for believers is that it enables the church body to take care of their own families, share with their faith community, invest in good noble causes, leave an inheritance to the next generation and be generous - a blessing to the world. 

Any prophetic word needs our partnership and decree to see it become our own personal reality. 

For me, this word seems timely and strategic; right on point with what God is already up to in my life. It’s an echo of a voice already heard and a process already started. It rings true. Confirms and reassures. And how important to weigh a word like that. Against THE Word and your own Rhema words that are highlighted and quickened in your spirit for the season you’re in and about to step into by faith. 

Let me testify to what practical partnership with a word of God can look like. 

I am not naturally great with numbers nor money. I have to work at being wise and knowledgeable to steward well what God each month entrusts me to steward. 

I’ve had to debunk some false beliefs around finances. One of them being that it’s selfish to take care of myself and my household. The great focus on giving in churches had me swing on the extreme pendulum of giving what I didn’t have for years! I gave out of weakness, not strength. The result was debt. 

Even though the bible never calls debt a sin-issue, it is never mentioned in a positive light as the higher road, the wisdom way, either. It talks about it crippling and enslaving me though culture calls debt natural and necessary. Culture sells consumer debt as attractive to keep up with the Joneses so you can own a house, new furniture and a car at 30. But who says that’s where you need to be at? After all, mere appearances are not what we’re called to aim after. Nor to live similar lives. Rather, solid foundations and depth (not debt) manifesting from the inside out is how the upside down kingdom works. Integrity matters. Not what you have, when you have it or what it looks like to others.

Side note is, your debt spiritually speaking is paid for in full so no condemnation here if you have debt! Also, there are good and bad debt. There’s so much to say on this and nuances too I won’t go into here. 

The point is, I needed a revelation of how a poverty mindset made me live in lack and neglect of my what was within my own yard to garden. I needed revelation-light to shine on the unhealthy parts of my heart that looked down on those not sacrificing in the way I did. I needed excuses to stop and false beliefs to be broken. I needed to believe I could get victory in this area. Maybe you need that too?

As my need for revelation in this area was revealed, I began to search for it and have hope that even though I’m neither a practical, detailed or math-wired person, I can learn to practically outwork the financial counsel of the bible in my life.

It’s not there to frustrate me but to free me.

As the counsel of the word and gifted people in the area of biblical finances began to guide me, divine design is beginning to protect me as the scripture below promises:

“If you choose to follow good counsel, divine design will watch over you and understanding will protect you from making poor choices” Proverbs 2:11 TPT.

A budget now makes me stay on track. Where guilt abounded with my nice-to-have spending, enjoyment now resides because nice-to-haves are planned for. 

I’m aware of the temptations to rationalise emotional spending. There’s room for being spoiled once in a while but I don’t let it ruin the whole picture of the direction I’m going in my budget and ultimately what that finance empower me to do in life.

Living below my means does mean that my life no longer looks like I am somewhere in life I am not. I can no longer support all the causes I did beforehand. I live in a cheaper apartment and I go on holidays only if I can afford it.

Because I now have a long-term vision for what I want to spend my money on, I can better welcome sacrifice in my present. 

Telling my money where to go is intentional, creates freedom and builds into my long term goals and dreams. 

Life in the faith lane is beautiful. There are never-ending layers of revelation to tap into. Each layer gives new light to walk out life with wisdom. 

“The revelation of God is whole and pulls our lives together” Psalm 19:7 MSG.

So, revival is in the air. 

Where do you need to AWAKE to new revelation? 

If it’s in the area of finances as it was for me, I declare and decree blessing over you that’ll cause ripple effects of momentum for the body of Christ all over. When Jesus’ body on the earth is strengthened financially, it can’t help but cause His light to shine brighter. As we lend our strength through our open hands, we’re reaching those who are still walking in darkness.  

Let’s pray with King David… “Teach me how to make good decisions, and give me revelation-light, for I believe in your commands” Psalm 119:68 TPT.

Also, how good is mercy? We get what we don't deserve. As you start walking in your new revelation and abandon your old ways, I believe God declares over your former:

"Her debt of sin is paid for, and she will not be treated as guilty. Prophesy to her that she has received from the hand of Yahweh twice as many blessings as all her sins" Isaiah 40:2 TPT.

Let it be your portion. Bless you.

Picture by Sophie Vestergård  (Instagram-handle: @sophvest)

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A bud is coming forth 🌱

To watch & listen to the message, watch the video. ⬆️

To read it yourself, continue below. ⬇️

Have you ever had a melt-down? Like a shaking ugly kind of meltdown? Where it’s all flowing – snot, tears and of course the loud sobbing? It’s definitely not the glamorous moments of life I am talking about here. I’ve had a few lately I must confess, and my behaviour started to worry me. Why am I breaking down like this? Am I a crazy person? Taking on too much? Processing too little? Not able to adapt to changes? What’s going on?

The questions were valid and necessary but brought to calm this morning when there came a turnaround in my perspective. Through reading a book, the Holy Spirit reassured me how okay it is to grieve and mourn. It was the exact permission I needed to just let the sadness flow. Feel it and grieve it to then release it.

It is okay to cry out like David: “I’m hurt and in pain; Give me space for healing, and mountain air”  Psalm 69:29 MSG. ⛰

Mourning is not only for people who have lost loved ones. It is also for the ones of us who have experienced death of a friendship, death of a season, or death of an expectation. Disappointment in ourselves, in others or a dream is a real pain and it demands to be felt and mourned. As Jesus followers, to experience death is actually necessary for new life, the life of Jesus, to spring up in greater ways in our lives.

For me, this reminder gave me freedom to grieve. When something is cut away from our lives, whether it’s a loss or change life throws at us or something we voluntarily give up, it hurts. Even when we ourselves know it’s time and right for something to be cut away because it has been good this far but will not be sustainable for where we are going in the future, it’s hard because we might not know the new provision that’s coming for us. The cutting of a  __________ (relationship, ministry, dream etc…..fill in the gap) leaves just that – a gap.

Therefore, with this post, I want to encourage you, as I was encouraged myself, to be free to grieve the loss, and also know that a cut is part of a pruning process in our Christian walk.

The likeness of our inner lives being pruned as Christians and the pruning of beautiful, yummy-smelling roses, like the ones in the top of this post, is actually astounding! 💐 Roses too need pruning to continue to flourish.

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When I realized this connection, I spent time looking for rose pics for my inspiration board on Pinterest. 🌹 As one beautiful rose came up one after another on the Pinterest dashboard, in between came also descriptions of how to do some succesful rose pruning. I learned that rose pruning is defined the following ways:

  1. To reduce something by removing things that are not necessary.
  2. To cut off branches from a tree, bush, or plant, especially so that it will grow better in the future.
  3. A proper pruning cut is made just above a growth bud ✂
  4. Seal every significant cut with glue to speed the healing of the cut.

This definition reminded me of the pruning truth John 15 speaks about in the context of Jesus being the vine and us being the branches. Like rose pruning, God is at times removing things in our lives that are not necessary: “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit…” 

God also cuts off branches in our lives in order for us to grow better into the future He has prepared for us: “…while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” (Rose pruning point nr. 2 ) 🌿

I know it can feel like a shock when we are cut from every side in a time where we have just gotten used to an extent of flourishing in life. But, there is so much hope. Because God prunes us the same way a rose is cared for. God makes the cut just above the bud. This means that while it may seem like we are left empty handed in the cutting, we never are. He has already given us a bud, a signal of hope and new beginnings. Jesus is our patient pruner who is not scared of seeds, buds, and small beginnings. He is excitingly gardening and landscaping our lives into a beautiful, flourishing salvation garden (James 1:21 MSG), and is with expectation awaiting the nice, new bud to come forth!

After every significant cut, Jesus seals it with glue to speed up the healing, just like roses are treated after a pruning (rose pruning point nr.4) Jesus is our glue; He holds us together and in His presence we are healed when life takes us unexpected places. Jesus redirects our growth, He is our Healer and in the pain of the healing process we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus Himself learned obedience by the things which he suffered (Hebrews 5:8 NIV).

Let’s trust His heart when something is cut off from our lives. God cuts just above the bud so that the new and better will spring forth! He is giving us a new assignment and redirecting our growth. The cut is a promise of a launch into a new season of effectiveness, influence and fruit, which is exciting.

Trust it’s a nice bud coming! He has got you. 🌹


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If my journey could teach you anything...

Here is the full length video with the content of what I shared at Sisterhood morning in my local church, Hillsong Copenhagen this weekend. My journey is a testimony to that God is still in the business of setting everyday girls free from captivity in order for us to then free and serve others in bondage.

So if my journey (through eating disorders especially) could humbly teach you anything, then it would be this ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • Don't despise your own wiring
  • We are freed to serve others in love
  • Your years can be redeemed



Thanks for watching!

If any of this spoke to you, and you have any questions, let me know. I would love to connect with you and also direct you to some great resources on the topic, if that's what you are in need of.

I love all our stories are still being written and that God brings beauty out of our ashes!

Let's live an overcoming life by being captives to Jesus and His victorious thoughts, and by being captivated by His love, 


Scripture references in the video:

  • Psalm 34,5 MSG
  • Matthew 12 MSG
  • Galatians 3,13 MSG


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Time to unpack

I want to enter the new year light. I want to enter the new year NEW. Therefore, it is time to unpack.

 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2. Cor.5,17 NIV)

2015-11-27 15.06.37When I started dating my boyfriend, this verse was pivotal in how we wanted to build and shape our relationship. We were aware that we both had baggage we brought into each other's lives and we knew this truth was something we wanted to cling to. The old has gone, the new is here.

We do not want any of us to be defined by our pasts. BUT in reality there is stuff of emotional baggage to unpack before the new can enter and be enjoyed to the full. This becomes so obvious in a relationship!

What we personally experience is that the conflicts arising in our relationship rarely has much to do with the real situation in front of us. It makes sense with these facts I've heard that normally a conflict is only 10 % about the current situation. 90 % of the conflict arises because of past emotions and fears in a similar situation.

The past can easily have power over us if we do not intentionally help each other unpack it.

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A suitcase that needs unpacking was lately revealed to me. It was a suitcase I dragged along that caused recurring conflict in our relationship.

Thankfully, God helped me see differently. Clearly. So that I do not keep punishing the one in front of me for the mistakes made by the one behind me.

Holy Spirit showed me how I am still carrying a suitcase of emotional baggage because of past betrayal. A betrayal that led to hurt, pain, fear, anger, jealousy, doubt & distrust.

Ugly, I know.

I know too though that I’m not alone in this.

Everyone comes with baggage.

Therefore, we resolved early on in our relationship to be courageous and to not fear the shadowy side of the past that every one of us carries.

A part of being courageous is to own our own journey and the wounds it has caused. Another part of being courageous is to be willing to “feel it to heal it.”

It takes courage to do so but it is necessary if we want to live and stand firm in the new life that has already been purchased for us. It is necessary to be courageous in these ways when we want to refuse to let shadows of our past hold our futures hostage.

Do yourself a favor and read Graham Cooke’s stuff full of revelation!! I love this quote from ”Provision & Partnership”:

"The place of struggle is always the place of your breakthrough, but the first thing that has to be broken through in a struggle is you.

It's your mindset, it's your willingness to trust, your willingness to believe the Lord, and your willingness to step into a miracle."

Yes. Struggle - past - present - future - can become birthing ground for miracles when we choose not to let our past define, destroy, deter or defeat us. We can let it refine us and move on and leave it behind us.

jesus.Our baggage isn't too heavy for Jesus! With him our past does not have to make us bitter. It can make us better.

New days, new beginnings & new chances await us. New new  new. Our Father makes ALL things new.

Jesus is with us. Love goes before us. Therefore, I'll choose trust for the new year! To not trust will just make me miserable anyway!

Let’s pack light for 2016 and keep pressing forward. (Phil 3,13)

Future, I’m so ready for ya.

"Now we look inside, and what we see is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start, is created new.

The old life is gone; a new life burgeons! Look at it!

All this comes from the God who settled the relationship between us and him, and then called us to settle our relationships with each other." (2 Cor 5,17 MSG)


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